Project 09

Grafiche dell’Artiere Calendarbook 2012

Curated by Peter Weiermair, Design by Ice&Ghiaccio K-Lab NY

The Italian printers Grafiche dell’Artiere in Bentivoglio near Bologna, the “educated” city of one of the world’s Greatest connoisseurs of books, the bibliophile philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco, publish a work, every year, that is much more than just a calendar. This annual publication, with its pictures echoing season, is the result of careful editorial planning. It is dedicated to contemporary photography and, in each case, to one particular subject. The series overseen by myself, began with the still life. Here too the geographical reference was Bologna, with its great individualist, the painter Giorgio Morandi. Another time the subject was fashion, and the 2011 calendar came about in collaboration with the Magnum Archive in New York. Whoever once has held this masterpiece of printing in their hands, this aggregate of typographical sophistication, precious papers, and above all the choreography of designers Gianni Giulianelli and Maddalena Gracis, who gives the pictures their adequate setting, will wait eargerly for the next issues from year to year. And here it is, with an altogether fitting subject for a printer, the book and our relationship with books. We love and believe in books. The question wheterer the printed book or, as Umberto Eco called it, the “vegetal memory”, has a future in the face of a media reality in which our memory, our scientific perceptions, or poetry too could become immaterial and available at all times, we would like to answer in the affirmative. Books are anything but arbitrary objects among many. They influence our lives, as their organisation in libraries influences our thinking, they are an expression of individuality and intellectual freedom. In their material manifestation, though, they also bear testimony to the art of printing and therefore are an obvious subject for the 2012 calendar.

Peter Weiermair

Grafiche dell' Artiere srl
via L. Romagnoli 5/2 Bentivoglio 40010 Bologna Italy
T +39 051 6640072 F +39 051 6640241 e.mail:
REA:BO - 296184 Pec: P.IVA 00629241209
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