Project 06

Grafiche dell’Artiere Calendar 2009
Curated by Peter Weiermair, Design: Ice&Ghiaccio K-Lab NY
For 2009, Grafiche dell’Artiere presents its third calendar, which collects visual contributions from thirteen artists from the US, Japan, Europe (Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria) and South Africa. Like the portrait, the topic of still life also holds an important place for the contemporary artists who work in the photographic medium: it reflects different temperaments and stylistic conceptions, but also encloses realistic observations of life lived. The selected artists belong to different generations, and this time as well, the notion of still life is meant in the broadest sense: it does not just refer to the classical understanding of dead or inanimate natural items and objects, but also to empty spaces or even full shop windows which, precisely due to the absence of their usual occupants, users or observers, behind their gazes captured only by the lens, live their own, magical, life. Photographers, proponents of both the analogue and digital, put different aesthetic strategies into play. These including paraphrasing classical painting models, building new objects in a conceptual tradition, or making use of experimental expressive procedures. The theme of time and co-ordination of the images inside a calendar as a documentary, and their variations, are modern representations of vanitas, but also of observation for the world of objects which surround us. As editor, I would like to express my great thanks not only to Lorenza Cariello, whose collaboration in its creation was invaluable, but also to the artists who took part in the project this year.

Peter Weiermair

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