Project 05

Grafiche dell’Artiere Calendar 2008
Curated by Peter Weiermair, Design: Ice&Ghiaccio K-Lab NY

Of the classical themes explored in art and photography over the past centuries none is so compatible with poetic reflections on the passing of time and the unvarying sequence of the season as the still-life. What is also curious is that the iconography of the still-life is of great relevance in contemporary art, in which photography takes a variety of aesthetic position. In our international selection of works by artist from China, Japan, India and South Africa, the United States and also Italy, Germany, Austria and England, the dialogue between things, be they chosen or chance, ranges from symbolically isolated objects, such as a clock striking perhaps the last hour of the closing year, to the demonstration of temporality in a long exposure of wilting flowers, to staged scenes and deliberate combinations of objects, to deserted living or hotel rooms. The viewer can follow the editor’s lead and create links between image and motif, thereby registering the wealth of artistic expressions available today. The artists represented here are of different nationalities and ages. I would like to thank them all for allowing us to use their images. My gratitude also to Carlotta Guerra for her editorial work. Once again, Grafica dell’Artiere demonstrate the superior quality of the art of printing in this calendar for the year 2008.

Peter Weiermair

Grafiche dell' Artiere srl
via L. Romagnoli 5/2 Bentivoglio 40010 Bologna Italy
T +39 051 6640072 F +39 051 6640241 e.mail:
REA:BO - 296184 Pec: P.IVA 00629241209
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