Project 04

Grafiche dell’Artiere 2007 Calendar
Dedicated to Giorgio Morandi
Curated by Peter Weiermair

Photography today is, undisputedly, one of the central expressive media in the visual arts. In a calendar featuring a series of images that stand in an associative-poetic relationship with the months of the year, photography is, on the one hand, the ideal medium for the genre of still life, just as the still life itself has always been an expression of the transitoriness of human life.
The sequence of months begins with an unusual shot of late Italian intimist Luigi Ghirri, depicting an atelier from the estate of the most important 20th century still life painter, the Bolognese Giorgio Morandi. The other works embody the most diverse technical possibilities of photography today, in all ist stylistic variety, which ranges from the direct, cameraless photography of a page from an old herbal, or the image of a plant by Angelica Krinzinger, to Arthur Tress’s or Mimmo Jodice’s surreaslist interpretation of reality, and even the conceptual double-images of Laura Padgett. Nobuyoshi Araki, as well as Pasquale Martini, mix different genres – Araki the nude, Martini the portrait, with the still life. Ann Mandelbaum’s subtly developed, magically veiled world stands next to Manfred Willmann’s or Rolf Koppel’s painstaking still lives with fruit, reminiscent of New Objectivity. Wolfgang Tillmans records, in his characteristical diary-like manner, the changing situation on the windowsill of his study. Robert Kozma does the same using a precious technique, a light-filled platinum print, to sharply contrast with his subject. Much as one might dread the idea of the original in photography, after Benjamin’s well-know teachings, the master printer Gamberini from Bologna shows the highest respect for his photographic “originals”.

Peter Weiermair

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