Project 02

Calendar TOME
Art Director: Stefania Guerra
Photo: Piero Casadei

It has been written that the eye is an outpost of the brain, situated on the periphery: a window that human beings open in order to lookout at the world. The eye can be regarded as a symbol for painting itself. If sculpture represents tactile enjoyment, a blind person can see a statue in his own way with the tips of his fingers, a painting, for the sake of its material form, is always, as Leonardo has taught us, an experience destined for visual perception.

Marco Tomesani is a young artist who has made the eye of the animal his focus, one might even say obsession, an act revealing character through a detail. For him, the eye is the representative of the animal, the part that stands for the whole, the window to the spirit, the revelation of character – and in this way the source of expression, the conduit for an aesthetic sublimation.

His ‘gallery of eyes’ exist in ideal space, a place between nature and culture, between the visual and the psychological. But above all it posits painting as a metaphor for the organ of sight.

His works also reveal the ability of the artist to render the animal transparent through its gaze. The eye of the raptor appears full of predatory intentions. That of the reptile recalls from the unconscious atavistic fears, while the elephant watches us with good-natured puzzlement. Animals watch us from the works of Tomesani. Perhaps they ask us what destiny we have determined for them on earth?

Giorgio Celli


We have produce a calendar of animal eyes for the year 2005. An unusual choice, perhaps, but in my continual search for quality I have been struck by the artistry of Marco Tomesani: we both give a great deal of importance to detail. I thank this young artist for his collaborative efforts, and I thank Professor Giorgio Celli, a renowned expert in the world of arts and sciences, for writing such an ispired piece on this project.

Gianni Gamberini


Marco Tomesani was born in Bologna on March 6th, 1961. He graduated from the Academy of the Fine Arts in Bologna in 1985. He lives and works in Bologna and offers creative consultation for graphic design and illustration

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